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This section shows stamps related to transistors. A transistor is a semiconductor device used to control the flow of electricity such as amplify a signal or (in computers) switch current on and off. Usually transistors have three or more electrical contacts, they are used in all modern electronics. A Pentium 4 microchip for example is fabricated with 42 millions of transistors and other electronic components. The transistor was invented in 1947 at Bell Labs by William Shockley, John Bardeen and Walter Brattain. They won in 1956 the Nobel Prize in Physics.

ID# 230
  • Country USA
  • Date 06-Mar-2008
  • Issue American scientists
  • Format SH
  • Note John Bardeen, co-inventor of transistor
  • Face v.0,41
  • Category transistor
ID# 510
ID# 519
  • Country Guinea
  • Date 20-Feb-2002
  • Issue Nobel Prize physics
  • Format SH
  • Note J. Bardeen, inventor of transistor
  • Face v.750
  • Print.Lithography
  • Category personalities transistor
ID# 419
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ID# 522
ID# 408
  • Country Gabon
  • Date 18-Oct-1995
  • Issue Centenary Nobel prize
  • Format SH
  • Note W. Brattain, inventor of transistor
  • Face v.125
  • Perf.14 x 14
  • Print.Lithography
  • Category personalities transistor
ID# 923
  • Country Germany
  • Date 05-May-1994
  • Issue Europa CEPT
  • Format SH
  • Note resistor
  • Face v.80
  • Print.Photogravure
  • Category transistor
ID# 416
ID# 962
ID# 961
ID# 681 click on stamp to zoom
ID# 44 click on stamp to zoom
ID# 676 click on stamp to zoom
ID# 631 click on stamp to zoom

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